Saturday, December 15, 2007


I have mine, but sometimes I forget. There are days, moments when I think I have no one left. Not that I'm alone necessarily, but that I'm lost. I need people, and when I have evidence that makes me doubt there presents that when I feel lost. I've come to realize slowly that it's not the evidence that matters. It goes beyond that. Far and beyond evidence. The people you want, the people you need, they don't have to leave evidence of how much they do or don't need you. You just know. So when times change and people come and go you need the people. The people that will be there constantly to make you smile when you need them to. It's true that sometimes people disappoint you. The people you expect to be there may leave, but what if they aren't really gone? What if they're just temporarily unavailable. You can still miss them, and you definitely don't have to care for them any less. It just means you wait. It may never be the same but even if it isn't you can take comfort in the fact that you had something, something perfect and amazing. A friend. Somebody to confide it. Someone that changed your life and hopefully made you a better person. This isn't just to one person as some may expect. This is to every person that has ever been in my life. The people that I've lost, the people that seem to be slowly drifting away, the people that are slowly coming back, the people I have, and the people to come.

Never take anything for granted. Enjoy every second, of every moment. Don't think about the end. Don't think the bad things that may or may not happen, and strive to make every moment better then the last. The only things in life that matter are the ones that make you smile.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Today was Stephano's birthday. It was grey and cold and cloudy and oddly appropriate. Its hard to explain. It didn't rain like it was supposed to. It was just overcast and damp which gives no justice to Stephano's life or personality. The sky showed the way everyone felt. The grey creatures moved slowly through the sky, taunting everyones sadness. We were supposed to be excited to go see him today. To watch him stuff his mouth with 99 cent tacos and listening him to make fun at our pathetic excuses for a birthday cake, but there was none of that to look forward to. So as we sat on the ground after ignoring the cold of the day, we looked at the sky. The light from the sun made the grey scatter but never disappear. The clouds, the sadness, the cold, they will always be around. With that you have to wait and look for the light that will separate the two.

Happy Birthday Babes- Peruano.
Have fun partying with James Brown.
I can't wait to see you.
Miss and Love you so much.