Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Words from the Wise

It's okay to feel shottie sometimes. It's kind of this thing called life. So you take a few hits. Things don't turn out. Dumb shit gets in the way of your dream. To damn bad. At least you have dream. Working towards something is already half of the dream. Getting up when you get knocked out is the other half. So GET UP and forget the shit. Its not worth your time or your effort. If your going to feel shottie thats fine. We all do sometimes. As long as its something worth feeling down about and as long as you do something about it. At the end of the day smile because you still have a million things going for you and no matter what happened today, tomorrows a brand new day with a new fight and a new victory and if your really lucky you've got a dream to hold on to and people cheering for you on the other side of the ring. Hell you've even got people that will take a round or two for you. Take life for what its worth, and stop over analyzing shit. Smile through everything, somehow it makes things that much easier and it makes other people smile too. You have more love in your life right now then some people have in a lifetime, and thats more then you could ever ask for. Things work themselves out. They always do. Sometimes its not the way you expect, but thats okay. You've got more then you need going for you and as long as you keep your chin up, keep working hard, and stop over analyzing shit, everything will be fine. You're a wonderwall.

Jeffrey Sapigao
Jay J Jones
Jason Powell
Jessica Lenz
Nella Salazar
Desiree Landry
Coach G

Their advice always makes my day and it always makes tough days bearable. Life is nothing without people to share the ride with. It's the people that can keep you motivated and pick you up when you feel like falling and make you laugh on top if it that you never let go of, that change your life, that you remember forever. I thank you and I love you all for always being here for me and anyone else that needs a reminder to smile or a shoulder to lean on.