Sunday, November 29, 2009

These are the Holidays

As November draws to a close, I am forced to reflect the closing of fall and beginning of winter. Looking back at these lonely posts I feel a little bipolar. They are full of hope, love, anger and resentment. It's time for something in between. Thats were we should live right? In moderation with no depletion or excess. Always looking forward, never being complacent, but at least being content. I've lost that satisfaction in everyday things. I've forgotten to be grateful for every moment of everyday. I've lost track of how lucky I am.

This years thanksgiving was a time of reflection, and the past has not been so bright. There were more tears than food, and more arguments than conversations. The holidays seem to be caving without Tata. It was so hurtful seeing what he loved be butchered with sorrow. Its more than understandable that this family is still hurting, but I could help but think that Tata would be so hurt to see us like this. I'm sorry Tata, I'm doing my best. One day they'll remember again.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Effectively Empty Cliche

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Its scary not to know the answers but no one expects you to. You aren't alone. It's not because there is a boy that kisses you behind glass doors behind glass doors, it is because you alone have the power to be a part of something outside yourself. Remember you are small. Remember its okay to be a little lost and its okay to be a little scared. Thats life hun. One day someone else will write you this letter; until then, find comfort in your own words and remember how lucky you are to have so many people around you.

Just breathe. Things will turn out how they are meant to. Life is worth the risk, the challenge, and the heartbreak because now is all we have. Take full advantage of life, of every moment of everyday. Tomorrow will be dealt with and solved, but for now revel in the sunlight of this moment.