Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sony Ericcson

I lost my phone this morning, and I fell into tear. I felt so disconnected and unsure. This chaos of a world is getting to me. The me I no longer remember is showing herself in this madness. The me that couldn't coupe. The stressed, the sad, the weary, the weak. I loath that person. Directionless, and lost. I've been running in circles physically and mentally, trying to remember were I left the three inch piece of plastic that was holding me together- connected to an outside world. It should be humbling to know that the day will continue on without my texts or phone calls, but it's not the world I am at all concerned about. I'm trying to be part of this great thing that is so much bigger than myself. Yet I find myself feeling useless and out of place. A let down if you will. So many eyes waiting for my next move. Asking me 'What can we do?" It's not in me to tell them, "I do not know." That ridiculous invention- the cellular device- was my small life line where I could say "help keep me together." I could say my deepest thoughts so quickly I could discard them in moments. It allowed me seconds to breathe and to smile.

This is not meant to be an ode do my beloved. It is a reflection on myself. What defines me? Through mounting chaos, excitement, and responsibility, I hope it will not be a small screen with buttons and numbers. Something so trivial, and impersonal. There is a world bigger than myself and wider than the connections of phone lines can reach. In that concept I find strength. In my path are disappointed faces, and demanding eyes. I make it a point today to look past that and into myself to find the person I have become.

A glimpse of the person I left behind haunted me today. Telling me I was inadequate. That I was not to make progress, and that I should not try at all. I know better. I may not be superswomen, but I am coming to The Rescue. There is much life to be lived outside of these walls. Life that is not be be darkened by sad sighs of the past or worried glances of the future. Simply by taking hold of the glorious possibilities of the present and bringing them to action.