Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Closure really hits the spot on an empty stomach.

Everything happens for a reason. Realizing exactly what that reason is, is so liberating, exciting, scary, wonderful. Good things fall apart so better things can fall together. Oh my, to the silly rantings of a broken heart. I'm finally grateful for the experience of falling to pieces because I've slowly rebuilt myself beautiful new perspectives. Fragments of glass, like fragments of a broken hearts, become prisms. Bending light and reflecting the future. Showing beauty in dark places and harmonizing with sorrow. Bringing hope, and it's never the same kind you wanted before. It's real and promising. So as much as I'd like to erase so many of these posts that were once soaked in tears and confusion I won't. Because even though they seem absolutely ridiculous now, I know they didn't feel ridiculous then. More importantly, they brought me to now. "Your eyes must do some raining if they're ever going to grow." I'm not done growing, and I'm sure there will be storms in the future, but I'm keeping this moment. Here's to my freedom and never settling.