Thursday, December 24, 2009

Walk On

They say that you can't be whole until you find your 'other half.' I don't believe them, whoever they are. There is this long journey called life that we embarked on years and years ago and it would be sad to think that we've been missing a part of ourselves. The journey of the individual is not to find what we have never had. It is to discover what we are and always have been. People will always walk in and out of our lives. They will bring things to our journey and decorate the path with smiles and love and passion and tears and they will all teach us something in their own way. Some people will only stay temporarily but they are never lost because they have contributed to who we are to become. The people that no longer walk by us will
leave a hole for a while. We may even stop and stare at their fading footprints. Once the shock wares off we move forward to greater places and heavier things. The road was never meant to be smooth, and we usually don't have a map. The trick is to see the color through the hurt in our hearts and the water in our eyes. To remember we are not solitary creatures. The path we walk, skip, run, jump, and fly on is one we create to feel a connection with ourselves and with others. It is true that we need time to collect ourselves. To breathe, and sometimes we just need to be alone. This will pass - the hurt, the confusion, and everything else that looks like a blur in your mind. There is always much life to live beyond the walls of now. Smile
- Tomorrow has the potential to be a great day.

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