Friday, December 18, 2009


I haven't been taking care of my heart. It was already broken, but it seems I've been avoiding putting the pieces back together. I don't want it to be real, so I've let the pain linger in hopes that something may happen. I change constantly. One moment I'm ready to leave it all behind, but then I'm terrified. Terrified that when I walk on, I leave hope behind. Maybe thats not such a bad thing. But the 'what ifs' keep running circles in my head. What if he carries hope with him too? What if he's just scared? What if he finds someone else?

I know we're all replaceable, but the thought hurts so bad. I forget to turn it around. I am replaceable, but so is he. (Though it doesn't feel like it yet) Though we are replaceable, we are not replicable. I need to put him back in a box along with all the other memories I have of and with him. This box will be perfect. It will be full of happiness, and love, and pain, and a little bit of hope. The problem is I haven't found the lock to keep it closed. The problem is, I'm not looking. The problem is I know when I walk on, there is no coming back. Because all things are possible, I know there is a chance that it will come around. But the fact is, it isn't probable.

I haven't been taking care of my heart. I need to decide. I need to stop leading myself on. I need to be done with random acts of hopelessness. I need to choose, but I'm not ready yet.

Give me a reason.

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