Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Middle Ground

I'm walking a fine line between distance and disaster. It's a dangerous game to play, but for now it feels better than nothing at all. I'm attempting to live moment by moment with my hopeless dreams; knowing, unfortunately, that they are likely to fall apart. This probably isn't good for me. I should probably quite while I'm ahead. Why do we do things we know we might regret? "Jump first, fear later." But that's not even what I'm doing. Thats what the problem is. I'm playing it safe. I'm walking the middle ground and it weaves between high and low. Is it bad that I like it here? None of these paths seem more or less traveled, so maybe I'm doing okay? The high ground and low ground seem so definite and I can't take either with certainty. I'm testing out the waters here. I'm dwelling in doubt to find certainty. I may just be making things up to justify myself, but, for now, let the tight rope continue.

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